Clare Marks

Clare is originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2006.  Clare worked for 15 years at the Ministry of Justice in the UK, and then for 3 years on arrival in New Zealand. She also practised law in the UK for a time, and has recently completed both a degree in Business Management and a Masters in Law.              

Clare also worked with Fairway Resolution as a manager in the ACC dispute resolution scheme and was Scheme Director for the Residential Advisory Service Scheme, dealing with insurance disputes arising from the Canterbury earthquakes.  It was her experiences during the earthquakes and the aftermath that led to a desire to join Animal Evac New Zealand.

She currently works as Head of Operations for SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) with responsibility for human resources management and development, operations management, and health and safety across the organisation.

Clare is passionate about animal rights and welfare and outside of work likes to spend quality time with her rescue cats Bettie and Mabel.