Is there a fee for the foundation course?

Yes. As a new charity with no government funding, we rely on a course fee from our foundation course to ensure we are sustainable. This is similar to other animal related groups such as Project Jonah. We are currently lobbying government to have the zero fee training scheme for civil defence volunteers extended to cover animal disaster responders. This was raised over three years ago and we along with others, continue to advocate for training funding parity. We are hopeful that this will be resolved allowing the foundation and other courses we provide to be free.

Within the foundation course fee is an annual supporters fee, which like other overseas animal disaster charities (i.e. Code 3 Associates in the USA), provides forecastable revenue to ensure we can cover the overheads of operating a charity such as insurance, database subscriptions, accounting and the like. One day, we hope that our volunteers need only give their time; however in the meantime we want to ensure we can operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

We suggest those who have limited financial means to look at some of the free online courses that will help their learning more about animal disaster management while we work on this funding issue.