How do I (and my animals) get prepared for an emergency?

We now have a great Emergency preparedness guide for pet owners available from ouremergency preparedness resource page.

Make sure you: 

  • Have a family emergency plan that includes your animals
  • Ensure all animals are microchipped and make sure you keep your details up to date on the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR)
  • Check that your animal’s microchip works every time you visit the vet
  • Consider adding facial recognition to your animal’s NZCAR profile
  • Have an alternative contact out of the region for your animal’s NZCAR profile
  • Have a pet carrier for each small animal, and a crate and muzzle for each dog
  • Never leave your pets behind when evacuating
  • Ensure your dog is wearing its registration tag
  • Keep photos’s of your pets easily accessible (cloud or facebook etc)
  • Have a get-away kit for your pets too
  • Bring your pets inside during storms and floods