I am already a veterinary professional. Do I need to do the course?

New Zealand veterinary qualifications at this stage have no compulsory courses on animal disaster management and the foundation course is also our induction course covering our health/safety systems, code of conduct, vision/strategy, online databases that are specific to Animal Evac New Zealand.

That said, veterinary professionals will play a crucial role in our activities, from supervising pet friend shelters (i.e. shelter medicine in a disaster context), microchip implanting, triage/assessment, decontamination, being part of the field response carrying out rescues as well has helping with community projects as their time allows (as with all our volunteers).

Those with existing veterinary qualifications, naturally will not be required to undertake animal first aid courses, just as field responders who hold swiftwater qualifications, will not be required to redo flood safety training (if current also).

Veterinary and other animal professionals, are naturally our choice to be asked to pick up supervisory and specialist functions especially in the shelter response group. So, we look forward having as many veterinary professionals be part of Animal Evac New Zealand.

From 23 August 2018, our Foundation Course was also accredited for CPD by the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association (5.5 points).