Who are the people behind Animal Evac NZ?

Animal Evac New Zealand Trust is governed and operated by a Trust Board, compromised of two co-founding Trustees, namely: Steve Glassey and Theresa Parkin, both based in the Wellington region. They are supported by a team of volunteers (in fact everyone at Animal Evac NZ are volunteers) throughout the country who virtually contribute to the success of this new charity. The current and full list of board members can be found here.

Steve Glassey, is the former CEO of Wellington SPCA, founder of the SPCA’s National Rescue Unit (formerly Animal Rescue Unit) who is currently a doctoral candidate researching animal disaster management at Otago University and part-time public safety consultant. Steve is a former United Nations disaster management officer and has held senior emergency management related positions in government. He has a Masters in Emergency Management (Charles Sturt University) and Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations amongst other credentials including being one of only a few IAEM Certified Emergency Managers (CEM®) in New Zealand. More info.

Theresa Parkin, is the former Emergency Management National Advisor for Massey University and also worked for Spark (Telecommunications) in a senior emergency management role. She holds a Masters in Emergency Management (Massey University) as well as a range of other tertiary qualifications in business, health and safety & psychology. She has always had a passion for helping animals, and earlier in her career studied veterinary nursing. More info.

With Steve and Theresa both holding a Masters In Emergency Management, we bring a level of credibility to the emergency management of disaster affected animals. We would be one of the few organisations in New Zealand that has all their senior management with such credentials.