My animal disaster story

My Animal Disaster Story is a place where you can submit your personal experience of your animals and self being impacted by a disaster.

We often find that the hundreds of personal experiences of animal guardians are not well documented in official reports, but these anecdotes are important to be recorded and told.

Animal guardians often have valuable insights into what went well and what did not go so well, from their experience of the disaster, let it be a wild land fire, earthquake, flood or other hazard event.

Using these experiences, we are creating a database to help inform policy and research, as well as to use on social media to highlight the need for animals to be included in emergency arrangements and preparedness messaging. The identity of the submitter can be protected in such publications too, where requested.

Maybe you had animals that were affected by a recent disaster? If you do, we invite you to go here and share your experience.

Thank you for uploading the document