For Evacuees

Terms and Conditions (owner or agent)

If your animal is being held at a co-located or co-habituating animal/human evacuation shelter, you are responsible for the daily care, control and attention of your animal as well as following any rules or directions set by facility staff. This includes ensuring it is adequately fed, has access to water, groomed, has clean and sanitary housing, exercised, given cuddles and receives any veterinary attention if required.

If you animal is being relocated to other care (permanent shelters/pounds, boarding establishments, foster care or veterinary clinic), you may be responsible for the associated costs of such care.

As part of our operating procedures, your companion animal may be microchipped if not already done. A small fee (>$15) may be charged for this at a later time, if there are insufficient donations to cover such cost.

Your animal may be exposed to disease and other animals and that may cause sickness or injury. In the event of this, you are responsible for ensuring the animal receives veterinary care. However, in your absence you give authority for veterinary treatment and remain responsible for any associated costs which may be claimed as a debt by the organisation holding your animal.

Any animals that are not claimed/collected within 30 days may be forfeit to the organisation holding your animal.

Your details may be shared with organisations that support the emergency response. This may include the Territorial Authority, Regional Council, NZ Police, Fire & Emergency, SPCA, Ministry for Primary Industries, and the NZ Veterinary Association; only for civil defence and animal welfare purposes.


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