Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Our hope

Purpose: Why Animal Evac New Zealand

Mission: What we do

  1. Promote animal-inclusive hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness and recovery
  2. Develop and maintain a regional capability of animal emergency responders
  3. Provide training and professional development in animal disaster management
  4. Provide initial response to support emergency services with the evacuation of animals and their temporary care
  5. Operate an animal evacuation database available for partner organisations to access to promote real-time collaboration and information sharing during a disaster
  6. Work with existing animal shelters for the ongoing care, reuniting or rehoming of evacuated animals
  7. Implement post-disaster community recovery projects for improving animal welfare and resilience to future events (i.e. microchipping, pet carrier, family emergency plans).
  8. Advocate for accountable and capable animal emergency management arrangements.

Values: How we do it