We are New Zealand's only dedicated animal disaster management charity.

We advocate for animal-inclusive disaster resilient communities.

Formed in 2018, we continue to push for a One Rescue approach, which means animals are seen as core to emergency management and not relegated as an agricultural or veterinary function alone. With no government funding, we need your help to change our emergency management laws and policy to enhance both human and animal wellbeing and safey.

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It is easy! You can simply go to our Give-a-Little page and donate online

Alternatively, you can also make a donation directly by going into any BNZ bank and asking for your donation to be deposited into our account. If you want a receipt, please ensure your name and phone number are added to the transaction reference.

You can also send us a cheque made out to “Animal Evac New Zealand Trust”, and post to PO Box 216, Wellington 6011. Please include your return address or email so we can send you a receipt.


If you are interested about sponsorship visit our sponsorship page.

You can also contact us for further information.


Yes, we are a registered charity. Our registration number is CC55754.

We are also charitable trust pursuant to the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

Though there are differing dialects within te reo, kararehe whakawatea means the emergency evacuation of animals. Whakawatea means getting out when everything is in a panic. As part of being a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs for disaster relief, we value and respect the customs of those we provide aid to. In a practical sense, this means we value the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the sacred value animals have within Maoridom.


We now have a great Emergency preparedness guide for pet owners available from ouremergency preparedness resource page.

Make sure you: 

  • Have a family emergency plan that includes your animals
  • Ensure all animals are microchipped and make sure you keep your details up to date on the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR)
  • Check that your animal’s microchip works every time you visit the vet
  • Consider adding facial recognition to your animal’s NZCAR profile
  • Have an alternative contact out of the region for your animal’s NZCAR profile
  • Have a pet carrier for each small animal, and a crate and muzzle for each dog
  • Never leave your pets behind when evacuating
  • Ensure your dog is wearing its registration tag
  • Keep photos’s of your pets easily accessible (cloud or facebook etc)
  • Have a get-away kit for your pets too
  • Bring your pets inside during storms and floods