We need more volunteers!

We know there is a lot of people who wanted to help the animals affected by the Australia Fires. We have a saying in disaster response “If you want to come to the game on Saturday, you need to come to practice on the Wednesday”, simply put we only deploy trained volunteers who have undergone our training to ensure they can respond professionally and safely.

Animal Evac New Zealand is now seeking to recruit new volunteers! And we are seeking all types of people who can operate in the field carrying out disaster work, as well as in temporary animal evacuation centres and in administration roles (including online support).

Visit our Eventbrite page to see the next AENZ Foundation Course that suits you.

In particular, we are interested for more of the following professions/expertise join us:

  • Veterinarians and Veterinary Techs/Nurses
  • Emergency managers with CIMS4 certification
  • Rural and Urban Firefighters
  • USAR CAT1R Responders
  • Swiftwater Rescue – Responders and Technicians
  • Large animal rescue operators
  • Farmers including lifestyle block owners
  • GIS technicians
  • Zoo workers
  • Academic researchers
  • Animal laboratory technicians
  • Animal groomers
  • Horse owners
  • Photographers
  • Paramedics/Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Journalists and other corporate communicators
  • Military service personnel especially those with logistics, command and communications skills
  • Animal Control Officers
  • Animal Welfare Inspectors
  • Lawyers

We provide an inclusive and diversity friendly environment for our volunteers and ongoing training opportunities.