AENZ makes global impact

AENZ Board Chair Mark Anderson MZNM and Deputy Chair Dr Steve Glassey attended the inaugural General Assembly of the World Federation for Animals (WFA) and have exciting news to share.

Animal Evac New Zealand attended the historical meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark to advocate for global change to better protect animals from disaster-related harm.

The World Federation for Animals is comprised of 60+ NGOs working towards the recognition of animal welfare as essential for the sustainable development agenda. WFA’s efforts focus on integrating animal welfare into international health, food, and environmental regimes and trade and development finance rules.

A promise

Member organisations from all around the world attended this pivotal meeting to harness the power of positive coalitions to make a better world for the animals we live with. And following a series of workshops, members signed up to “A promise to animals and our future“.

Animal Evac New Zealand made history with becoming the first New Zealand organisation to sign up to this historical promise.

Dr Steve Glassey signs the WFA Promise

What was fascinating was the issue of animals in disaster was one that faced all the member organisations, from anti-vivisection, wildlife to farm animal groups. And with climate change the challenge to better protect animals from disaster-related harm resonated with many attending.

Dr Steve Glassey elected to the WFA Board

The plight made by AENZ representatives throughout the conference to encourage member organisations to consider how we could all collaborate to promote animal-inclusive resilient communities clearly touched many with our Patron, Dr Steve Glassey being elected by the membership to the global board of World Federation for Animals.

Dr Steve Glassey with the newly elected WFA Board

“It is an honour to be elected by member organisations to the WFA Board. I look forward to representing the views of all members, small and large, and championing the issue of animals in disasters, as well as supporting the work of the board to ensure the vision of the federation is achieved through good governance” remarks Dr Steve Glassey.

WFA CEO Dr James Yeates & new WFA Board Member Dr Steve Glassey.

“As a seasoned CEO, an important aspect of good governance is ensuring the CEO is enabled to succeed through a supportive board. I am looking forward working with my board colleagues and CEO James Yeates to ensure the vision of WFA is realised”.

Model Act and API for animal disaster management

The motivation behind attending the WFA conference was not just to showcase the work AENZ has been doing championing animal disaster law reform, but to connect with the product sponsors and custodians of the Model Animal Welfare Act (Cox and Lennkh) and Animal Protection Index (WAP) respectively, with a view to create supplementary tools for both to allow for the specific development and benchmarking of animal disaster legal frameworks.

Dr Steve Glassey (L), Wim de Kok (C) and Mark Anderson (R).

“It was an honour to meet Wim de Kok, a highly acclaimed international champion on animal welfare at the General Assembly and talk about his pioneering work over the decades, including sponsoring along with others, the development of the Model Animal Welfare Act” says AENZ Chair Mark Anderson.

The AENZ Board Members were busy over the two day event, and also met representatives from World Animal Protection who developed the Animal Protection Index that grades country’s animal welfare standing. With New Zealand only being a “C”, there is much work needed to be done. But the ground-breaking work being undertaken by AENZ to champion companion references for the Model Act and API on animal disaster management have the potential to restore our reputation as world leaders.

David Garrahay (WAP) and Dr Steve Glassey (AENZ).

With new alliances formed, AENZ is now well positioned to develop a new “Project on Animal Disaster Law” (PADL) that will have truly global impact on all animals that we share the planet with. This new project will build on the significant capacity building provided through AENZ’s Global Animal Disaster Management Conference (GADMC) which is planned to return in 2025. It was great to connect with our GADMC supporters such as Dr Jackson Zee from Four Paws International (below).

Mark Anderson (L), Dr Jackson Zee (C), Dr Steve Glassey (R)

As probably the smallest charity present and with no staff, little Animal Evac New Zealand is major force for change on the global stage, posed to save millions of animal from disaster harm. As we receive no government funding, help us continuing our niche work by donating here or consider leaving a gift in your will.

We encourage other animal groups that share our vision to join the World Federation for Animals too.

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