Duncan Garner: Editor in Chief on NoAnimalLeftBehind

Award winning broadcaster Duncan Garner talks through the need for improved legislation to protect animals from disaster.

Duncan Garner: Today I’m joined by Dr Steve Glassey from Animal Evac as we shine a light on pet rescue during disasters. Find out how you can contribute to the cause for better animal protection laws and why we need enforceable legislation to safeguard our furry friends in times of crises.

We also take a look at the phenomenon of animal hoarding, discuss the need for limits on pet ownership, unpack the emotional toll of losing a pet and emphasize the importance of having emergency plans for our animal companions. Do we need to cohabitation evacuation centers, as they have introduced in the USA, to better protect both people and animals during disasters?

This is a thought-provoking conversation that may just save your pets life one day. This episode is also available on Rova and Spotify.

Animal Evac New Zealand thanks Duncan and the Mediaworks team for their support.