AENZ joins call for Commissioner for Animals

With an increasing occurrence and ferocity of disasters striking New Zealand, animals are still not sufficiently protected under our animal welfare and emergency management arrangements. We are calling for a Commissioner for Animals who can champion change.

New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers. We have high expectations for how animals are treated. However, our once revolutionary animal welfare laws are being undermined by industries that harm animals.     

Animal Evac New Zealand is joining SAFE and calling for a Commissioner for Animals to transform the animal welfare system in Aotearoa.  

Animals need an independent Commissioner to represent their voices and uphold their legal rights under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and other legislation such as the pending Emergency Management Bill. There are Government bodies to represent vulnerable members of our community, including children and the environment. Animals are not represented in Parliament.  

Animal Evac New Zealand will remain focused solely on disaster related animal welfare issues and hope that the establishment of a Commissioner for Animals will start to ask the questions why has New Zealand failed to learn the lessons from the past and why we continue not to have specific legislation like that in the USA to protect companion and service animals which ultimately also enhances human safety and wellbeing.

It’s time to give animals a voice

Please visit the SAFE petition page and support our shared call for a Commissioner for Animals to be established.