Global Animal Disaster Management Conference

For the first time, an online conference is bringing to together the world’s leading animal disaster management experts.

Organised by Animal Evac New Zealand, the Global Animal Disaster Management Conference (GADMC) aims to connect leading animal disaster management research with practitioners and fellow academics through a staggered series of free to view, online and recorded webinars.

This online format will allow those interested in this area of study to access the latest research without travel or cost barriers. The staggered interactive presentations will also provide a range of convenient time zones for those presenting and viewing. The Zoom Webinar platform is planned to be used for the event, and the EventXD app will also be used to manage attendee registration and updates, and to enhance attendee experience and gain feedback.

In partnership with the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience,  proceedings will be considered for publishing in a special edition on animal emergency management in the prestigious Australian Journal of Emergency Management.



Free to present, attend and access videos and proceedings. Recordings of the presentations will be made available on conference web page by mid 2021.

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Sponsorship options available for event and specific presentations.

Prices in NZD. 

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