We have many of our older supporters who want peace of mind that if they pass away that their fur baby is found a loving home.

Our FUREVER LOVED™ programme does exactly that. As we do not operate animal shelters, we won’t turn away your loved animal at such a stressful time and we have a zero euthanasia rate.

Animal age is not a barrier for re-homing, we may even find another older person who does not want to commit to the lifetime ahead of a young puppy or kitten but wants to enjoy the special companionship pets provide.

What is involved?

Email us at fureverloved@animalevac.nz with your name, phone number, and postal address, or call us on 0800 423822 and leave your name and number and we will call you back.

We will send you an agreement form that includes authority for us to care for your animal(s) should you pass away.

We generally require your pet to be micro-chipped with its details recorded with the NZ Companion Animal Register, with us added as an alternate carer in case of an emergency.

We ask that you consider Animal Evac New Zealand Trust in your Will, but this is not required. We do not charge for this service.  Click here for further information.

Many supporters want to be around to see how their financial gifting is being used, so if you would rather help us with a donation or regular giving instead click here.

What we do?

We will update the NZ Companion Animal Register on your behalf to record that we can act as alternative carer in the event of an emergency.

We supply you with fridge magnets and wallet cards that explain that your pet is part of our FUREVER LOVED™ programme, so in an emergency we can be contacted.

We provide a 24-7 emergency line and we then arrange one of our 300 volunteers throughout New Zealand to come and collect your pet and commence a re-homing process.

The cost of the emergency collection and re-homing process if free. We just want to ensure your pet is forever loved.

Who is Animal Evac New Zealand?

Animal Evac New Zealand is the country’s only dedicated animal disaster management charity. We are a registered charity and a signatory to the the International Red Cross Code of Conduct, the only animal charity in New Zealand to do so. We respond to emergencies to help evacuate, shelter and reunite animals. We rely on donations and bequests to carry on our work.

FUREVER LOVED is trademarked by Animal Evac New Zealand.