Animal Evac New Zealand can deliver a range of courses for corporate clients. Those wishing to volunteer for Animal Evac New Zealand should refer to our join us page.

As the responsibility for directing companion animal emergency management under civil defence arrangements sits with local authorities through their animal management service, Animal Evac New Zealand can provide courses for local government staff and organisations that support such mandate.

Foundation Course

The Animal Evac New Zealand Foundation Course is a 9 hour workshop aimed at anyone involved in helping animals in emergencies. It is NZVNA accredited for 5.5 CPD points.

Sheltering Course

Building on the Foundation Course, this 5 hour workshop is highly practical and focuses on the establishment of Pet Friendly Shelters and the deployment of the D4H Incident Management system that facilitates the registration and tracking of disaster affected animals.

Dog Bite Prevention

This 2 hour classroom course can be delivered at the end of the Sheltering Course, or as a stand alone course. It is suitable for anyone that may interact with unfamiliar dogs as part of their work, such as couriers, emergency workers, meter readers, sales persons and the like. It is NZVNA accredited for 2 CPD points. Read more.

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If you are wanting these courses delivered to your organisation, please contact us. These courses can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand.